De-cluttering 365

It’s  all the rage at the moment, or perhaps my friends and I have reached the glorious age of needing to simplify our lives. Whatever it is everyone’s doing it! The charity shops must be deluged!

Our daughter left home last summer to live with her boyfriend and I think Nick and I realised that we live in a house that is a bit on the big side for two people. We can manage everything quite well at the moment as I only work part time but we have a large garden too and eventually it will all be too much so I had read on Old World Garden Farms about their 365 Project where they were both going to get rid of one item each day, we can do this we thought and we have, quite successfully for exactly a year.

I have room in my kitchen drawers to be able to see things, my wardrobe is clearer, the wardrobes in Tom’s old room have been de-cluttered, I gave my 40+ year old school uniform to Diss Museum! Nick has thrown away broken tools sorted out and given our daughter a set so we have got a cleared shed and garage. We have sorted our clothes down to one wardrobe. It was going well until my dear old mum died and I felt obliged to bring everything home that no one else wanted! Saucepans, crockery, bed linen, ornaments, clothes, socks, CDs, LPs it seemed an unmanageable amount but slowly I have either replaced my quite tired things with mum’s, given things to friends, charity shop drop offs and here we are it was time to look at my shoes!!!

I had 50 boxed pairs of shoes in the top of my wardrobe all of them in excellent condition, some of them over 35 years old, one pair bought when I was 17! I don’t really buy shoes any more as I have occasion shoes galore and can usually find a pair for weddings, christenings, funerals and I have various height heeled black court shoes I can wear for work. Every three years or so I buy a new pair of flat black loafers as I wear them out. I buy flip flops yearly and the occasional pair of sandals.

This week I tackled the boxed shoes. I now have 38 boxes. Next week loose shoes! It’s hard but most of the boxed shoes from forty years ago don’t fit as my feet have broadened! Two children, a period of being overweight have all taken their toll on my feet and quite frankly I’m not going to be wearing many pairs of ‘car/bar’ shoes as my friend Mandy calls them, shoes only fit to walk from the car to the bar, any more! So here we are I am a tad ashamed at what I have thrown/given away not just the shoes but all the things I have thought I wanted/needed over the years. Such a dreadful waste of money and resources. If only I had my 56 year old head on 30 years ago!


I’ve still got to deal with the four dinner services, two mine, one Nick’s mums and one my mum’s but that’s a story for another day!

Happy de-cluttering 😊


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