Best Friends



This beautiful dog is one of my best friends, she has travelled with us to France, many times, through Spain and to Portugal, she has been with us through many of life’s trials and tribulations, she has seen our children become adults and has loved us all unconditionally for nearly 13 years. She just keeps on giving, always wagging her tail to greet us even if some days it’s more tricky to get up to the door to be there when we open it. Her favourite thing making it really hard to actually open the front door!

We discovered a year ago that a lump she had, which grew quite quickly, was cancerous and so at nearly 12 a decision was made to not have treatment, the operation to remove it would have been huge for a dog and it would probably have ruined her quality of life. We just let it be. We planned and took a six month sabbatical from work and went off to Portugal for the winter. We took our beloved Pippa and her daughter Ruby with us. We had the most wonderful time and spent every day with our animals, 24/7. Their health was not good while we were away, Ruby developed some intestinal problems which may or may not be colitis but for now that is calm and she is fine. Pippa, just got older, she has had some lady problems relating to her cancer but, she is still here, and every day is a blessing.  I think today she looks particularly good so I thought I would share a picture of my best friend. 💕


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