I thought as I got older life would slow and I would have more time, maybe for grandchildren but if not for my garden and dogs. Pipe Dream! I seem to be busier than ever and I only work outside the home two days a week. Perhaps I just got slower or my expectations of myself are more. I definitely grow and do more in my vegetable garden but I do less in the borders and Nick cuts the grass these days.


I know that I still have too much ‘stuff’ in my home, despite decluttering with a vengeance since April this year and for at least six months of last year. Things mean dusting or moving to vacuum and taking care of like my mother’s and mother-in-law’s brasses.  They all make work and stress if you don’t get them cleaned. But how hard is it to let go of things? I find it really hard. I would say that between my daughter Charlotte and I and some of mums linens I have gifted to the various charity shops locally 30 large bin liners of clothes and linen and at least 6 large boxes of ornaments and books. I have given away one dinner service to a friends daughter and charity shopped another.  Charlotte has asked that we keep one for her that leaves two more. They are too beautiful to just give to the charity shop and in their time were very expensive but I don’t need them so why can’t I just get rid! Memories I suppose. Meanwhile my home looks like a jumble sale and I’m struggling to keep it neat and tidy.

Some chores I don’t want to let go of, like meal planning, cooking from scratch, running a tight budget still, even though we could probably slacken off this a little. I love walking my dogs twice a day, just ten minutes for Pippa then out again with Ruby.  I love planning my garden, growing my own food, keeping my vegetable plot in shape. I love bottling/canning my produce or freezing or jam and sauce making.

Some things I need to find time for like exercising, just 20 minutes a day to do a Joe Wicks routine or some strength exercises. I have a pile of sowing projects too but the evenings are for relaxing and the days are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.

I don’t have the answer to this lack of time nor the guilt I feel when I am not busy!

I wish I did.



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