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About Me

My name is Julie, I’m a Norfolk girl born and bred, married to Nick for over thirty years with two grown up children. I work outside the home part time, but was lucky enough to be at home for the years before my children went to school. I am at my best when in my kitchen and garden, I love to grow our vegetables and then use them throughout the year to feed my family and our friends. I’m not keen on dusting, but I do it anyway!

We live in beautiful rural Norfolk, have two black Labradors, Pippa and Ruby, we enjoy walking and travelling in our Motorhome so we can take ‘the girls’ with us. I love to read but these days I find a lot of the time it’s about food!

We try to live and eat as healthily as we can and I believe that if everyone grows something they can eat, even a pot of herbs on a windowsill, we will all benefit.  I’m on a new journey here so I hope you will follow along. Who knows where it will go but it’s exciting to have a new challenge.